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Traveling? Joinstar shows your friends' plans in the destinations you are going to visit.


Wanting to check out a new sushi cafe? Joinstar makes it easy for your friends to join.


Planning a jog in Central Park this Sunday morning, but your roommates always sleep in? Joinstar finds you company.

Through Joinstar, within minutes, you receive a message from an old college roommate (who you didn't even know is in town this weekend!), your co-worker's cute friend from the office party last Friday, and a classmate, from the other side of the city, with whom you've been meaning to catch up for ages!


Say bye to unrealized plans and sitting bored at home.

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Lillian founded Joinstar while studying Economics at Harvard. The idea was born during her last semester at the university, so called 'Senior Spring.'

"There were so many things I wanted to do in Boston before graduation, and with only few weeks of school left, I needed something that will give me a fast way to let my friends know what I am up to and give them an easy way to join me."

Joinstar is the solution.

"I also find Joinstar super useful while traveling. 

Before I would post I am going to LA on Thursday on Facebook and my post would quickly disappear on my friends' crowded "walls." "

Joinstar is the solution.

Now, a true New Yorker, Lillian lives by the motto: "OK, but first coffee!" She also self identifies as a chocolate enthusiast.

Reach Lillian at:

@LillianAdams_Official on Instagram

@LillianAdamsO on Twitter

Lillian Adams on Facebook

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